Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Warhammer 40K: 2000 Point Imperial Guard

I have a big 40K game coming up this weekend and I have been working on an army list. We will be playing a scenario where my 2000 point army will be assaulted from all sides by two 1000 point armies played by Chris and JW. Since they have two armies, that means they have the potential for twice the number of HQ and Elite units. I will have to tailor my army to match this potential threat.

  • Lots of HQ and Elite means lots of 2+ saves and multi-wound models.
  • The assaulting armies will have to rush across the board to get me, so that means lots of transports or Land Raiders or Deep Striking units, perhaps in drop pods.
  • If Orks or Nids are present I can expect to see a good deal of foot-slogging infantry trying to soak up fire for the Elites coming behind.
  • Lots of plasma will see to those pesky 2+ armor saves.
  • Several Lascannons will give me the ability to double-out some character models. They will also force any armor out their to be careful.
  • A meltagun hidden in a squad will take care of drop pods to prevent them from contesting my objective.
  • Tanks will run interferance, pound oncoming infantry, and snipe other tanks. I will be taking a Vanquisher to make sure no Land Raiders get anywhere close to my lines.
  • Veteran squads in transports will remain in reserve in order to respond to threats I have not anticipated.
Here is how the army is coming together:
Company Command Squad. This HQ will babysit the front line troops and annihilate anything that comes too close. The power fist will help out my tarpit unit. MotF will delay enemy reinforcements.
-Commander with power fist
-Three veterans with plasma guns
-Vox caster. This will improve my chances of twin-linking the plasma guns against light tanks and monstrous creatures and will actually increase their survivability better than a medi-kit while making their shooting more effective at the same time.
-Master of the Fleet.

Company Command Squad. This unit will hunker down in a tall building and snipe anything it can see while also handing out orders to nearby units. I went with a sniper rifle since it can threaten big things and enemy heroes at range. There aren't many other gun options that pair well with the Lascannon, but this should at least some of the time.
-Commander, naked
-Officer of the Fleet
-Veteran Lascannon team
-Veteran with Sniper Rifle

Sly Marbo. I am interested to see how this model works out. I have heard good things but never put him in a list before. He can appear anywhere on the board, throw a demolition charge, and hopefully stick around to engage in a little shooting in later turns.

Infantry Platoon 1. This platoon is kitted out with a lot of long range weaponry. I think I will tend to field them as "bubble-wrap" units. This means they will usually be deployed as separate squads, each with a heavy weapon. They will ring the outside of the deployment area and shoot at any incoming armor. Once assault troops come in range, they will receive the charge, get wiped out, and set the opponent up to be shot at in the next round.
-Platoon Command with lascannon, 2 sniper rifles.
-Platoon Squad with grenade launcher and lascannon. Attached Commisar with power sword.
-Platoon Squad with grenade launcher and lascannon
-Platoon Squad with grenade launcher and autocannon

Infantry Platoon 2. This platoon can also be fielded singly, but I would prefer to deploy the individual squads together to form a tarpit in the center. This will receive a charge and hold up the enemy until one of them dies or reinforcements arrive.
-Platoon Command with heavy flamer, plasma gun, platoon standard, and medi-kit.
-Platoon Squad with flamer and heavy bolter. Attached Commisar with power sword.
-Platoon Squad with grenade launcher and heavy bolter
-Platoon Squad with meltagun and heavy bolter

Veteran Squad 1. This squad is equipped with some serious troop killing power and can also reinforce the troops in the center if they get into trouble. The Chimera brings some serious firepower as well.
-Veteran Squad with power sword and three plasma guns
-Chimera with heavy flamer, dozer blade, pintle heavy stubber

Veteran Squad 2: This squad is equipped with anti-tank guns and comes mounted in a Valkyrie. By now it looks like I am overkilling tanks, but I have to assume that some of my elements will be taken out early or won't get a shot off. This gives me more flexibility and redundancy.
-Veteran Squad with power fist and three meltaguns
-Valkyrie with rocket pods.

These three tanks are taken separately and will do their best to remain in cover and bring all their sponsons to bear. The Vanquisher will kill tanks, the others will focus on troops.
-Leman Russ with lascannon, heavy bolter sponsons, pintle heavy stubber
-Leman Russ Demolisher with heavy bolter, plasma sponsons
-Leman Russ Vanquisher with lascannon

I hope all goes according to plan. What seems more likely is that everyone will be in everyone else's way and the enemy will be on top of me in turn two. I calculate that it will take two terminators and 3 genestealers to completely wipe out my line...

- Maniple

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