Thursday, September 22, 2011

300 Challenge: Deathwatch Squad Part 2

 Back to work on the Deathwatch squad. I actually painted over some of the shoulder pads and had another go at the freehand chapter symbols. I am not very good at the freehand stuff, but each attempt was slightly better than the last. On the armor, I did a couple of subtle highlights on the black and ink washed all the metal bits. The bases got a coat of the standard gray.
 It is not very clear, but you can see the highlights on the arms a little bit. I used a little Space Wolves Gray mixed with Chaos black to brighten up the edges just a bit. I also drybrushed some Chainmail on the metal pieces by way of a highlight.
 Sideview of the squad. Click on the picture to get a bigger view of the shoulder pads. Some of them need another go, but I still have more models to paint so I will get back to them letter. I picked out the purity seals and some cables on the armor before gluing on their weapons.
I realized that I did not bring the proper bolters with me when i packed these guys up. A couple of them have Deathwatch bolters in the back row, but the rest are standard. I used just a little bit of glue to hold on the temporary ones so I can bust them off later!

With these ten models "table worthy" they are heading back to the shelf. My total now comes to 61. Tomorrow I will be heading back to the place "where bad things happen..."


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