Friday, September 16, 2011

300 Painting Challenge: Imperial Guard

My 300 Painting Challenge is coming along nicely. I went through my army looking for the most neglected models. Here I have a selection of special weapons, heavy weapons, and a sergeant with a power fist. The Lascannons will be for popping Killer Kans and the sniper rifles will be handy for pinning Gretchin and Ork mobs. Plasma is always handy no matter who I am facing and the power fist is a nice option to have in platoon when Marines might be deep-striking nearby.
 I wanted to keep my efforts focused on the selected models, but more stuff kept showing up. In the foreground are a couple of guys I bought on sale over ten years ago. They are the models for a Tallarn heavy weapon squad. I think their lascannon ended up on an ork battlewagon somewhere. They and the guy in the blue coat can be used for objectives, I suppose, or maybe characters for Dark Heresy?
 It is good to take pictures of your models since the camera will pick up details the eye can miss. For instance, I am not happy with the red gun, the blue vials, the sunglasses, or the bases. They will have to wait for my revisit, though, since they are good enough to play with and I am already off onto other things!
 These Ogryn were an old conversion. I mixed some fantasy Ogres and 40K Ogryn to make a nasty looking 5-man squad. I was inspired by a short story that came out some years ago in the "Deathwatch" collection (I think). It featured an Inquisitor cobbling together a force of Ogryn, Grief Bringer Space Marines, and whatever else he could find to kill a very nasty bad guy. My brother actually started a Grief Bringers army that is pretty sweet. My original paint job was, in a word, horrific. By restarting and sticking to a simple Cadian scheme that blot has been wiped from my record.
These plasma gunners got cleaned up and I added some bright green to the power unit on the gun. It really makes them stand out on the table, so I won't forget to use them!

Overall these models are alright compared to what I think I am capable of. Since I haven't really done a lot of serious painting for a while it was good to start on something simple. These are "table-ready" and plenty good enough for now. I can always go back later and do a little more.

This brings to completion 18 more models!


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