Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Malifaux Terrain: The Slum Part 3

I wanted to give a unique look to my counters and objective markers. Malifaux fuses together a lot of different genres, so I went with a wide variety of influences when putting these bits together. For this piece, I constructed a small box out of foamcore, attached a few bits from my 40K bits box and a plastic disk from a chair slider. The feet are push pins. Instead of wasting one of my nice large-size bases, I cut a circle out of some heavy card and glued it down.
With a little paint I had a super-computer! The paper spilling out the side is just that- a thin strip of paper folded over and glued to the side. Maybe not exactly steam-punk, but I think it works.

My next piece needed to be even more mysterious. Again I cut a round base out of some cardboard and then made a small box out of the same. The detail is made from thin strips of paperboard, individually cut and pieced in. The corner pieces are 1/4 in strips folded in half. In order to get them to fold neatly I scored the inside with my razor blade. Can you guess what it is?

A police box that can travel Time And Relevant Dimension In Space! (TARDIS for all you noobs). The handle comes from my bits box. I think it is for the top hatch on an Imperial tank.

The other items quickly took shape. Most of these were constructed out of white insulation foam. The statue was roughly carved out with my hobby knife. It is supposed to represent a weathered and cracked statue. In the front is a scrap pile and soulstone vein. The small counters are dynamite- small bits of wire tied together with thread and super glue. I also made some fences out of thin card and based them with a slightly heavier piece of paperboard. 
Here I have some standing stones, a campsite, a small graveyard, some ruins, and a mystical pool. The pool is a circle of foam bricks filled in with some water effects and green paint. The graveyard features a twig from the yard, a bit of fence, and a few gravestones that I carved out of some MDF (medium density fiberboard). If you can find any of this stuff it has multiple uses. It is great for basing since it tends not to warp as badly as cardboard.

Once it was all put together, the slum took on a life of its own!

I added in a twig from the yard as a hanging tree. A trick you can use to make it look more like a tree is to clip off the most interesting bit, remove a bit of the branch or stem, and then glue the interesting bit back on. If you shorten the branches in this way it will add weight and density. The noose is a just a bit of string.

The brick walls came from a website that specializes in wallpaper for dollhouses. I downloaded the pattern to my computer, shrunk it down to the right size, and then printed it on a color printer. Then I glued the bricks to some cardboard, based them on a piece of heavy card and was done!

I am pretty happy with the amount of terrain I have. The pictures show a pretty full board. Usually in a game I only use about half of what I have, although I do use a house rule that allows characters to enter and exit buildings as well as change elevation. Now get out and get building!



  1. Time And Relative Dimension In Space, actually. And you were calling people n00bs... ;)

    Great TARDIS. :) Well done!


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