Monday, September 26, 2011

300 Challenge: Dystopian Wars

 I picked up two boxes of Dystopian Wars minis at Gen Con and have been eager to get going on them. The models are nicely detailed and have lots of character. The big tank has several turret options as well. I started off by putting some Catachan Green fairly thinly over the flat bits.
 Here is a close up of the big tank. At this stage I began lightly drybrushing the metal bits with GW Chainmail. Whenever you drybrush, go very lightly. You can always go back and dust some more on later. If you go too heavy, it will obscure the detail and you will not be happy with the final product.
 Here is the whole army, drybrushed and ready for the next step. I will also do a few airplanes in order to get closer to my painting goal for the week. The only problem is that they will be painted in a totally different color scheme, so that may slow me down. We will see how it goes.
Since I had the green out, I figured I would quickly paint up a few more guardsmen. I have a battle coming up this weekend and these nine guys will help to round out my force. This brings my total to 77  for the month, which means I will need to finish 23 in the next few days. Let the countdown begin!


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