Thursday, September 15, 2011

Malifaux Terrain: The Mansion Part 2

With the exterior coming along, I began work on the interior. I used several different techniques. For the floors on the first storey, I cut a number of small strips of card and glued them down to look like wooden planks. I painted them with a mix of brown paint and white glue. The glue gave it a slightly shiny finish.

From the interweb, I printed out pictures of area rugs and glued them over the top in the center of the larger rooms.

I was also able to print out dollhouse wallpaper and used a glue stick to paste it to the walls. Since dollhouse scale is quite a bit bigger than 32mm, I had to shrink the designs down to make them work.

On the upper floors, I opted to use paper terrain from They had a nice selection of papers, but I had to cut them down to fit. If I had the project to do over, I would have made my walls tall enough to fit a whole sheet without cutting.

For a little more detail, I got some little pictures from the interweb and photoshopped on some frames.

I am still working on more details for each room. So far I have an oven in the kitchen and a dumbwaiter in the pantry, as well as a few counters. I need to add window frames, furniture, curtains, interior doors, stairs, and a few more bits and pieces. One room will be a lab, so it needs some appropriate equipment. Eventually I would like to add a basement level as well with dungeons, secret passages, etc....

 Here is the mansion so far. The paint is pretty rough, but I have a long way to go with detail work before I tackle that.
Here is the exploded look. With all this blocking terrain it won't really be suitable for standard Malifaux games. It calls out for a special scenario or some house rules, I think. The next step is to finish it!


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