Monday, September 12, 2011

Painting 300 models in 3 months

"I hereby pledge that I will not buy anything else until I finish painting what I already have." Have you ever said this?
My goal this semester is to get several hundred models painted. I have a great number of things started, but very little finished. I spent the first week back at school organizing my collection, assembling all of my new stuff, and getting a coat of primer on them. One big victory I had was cleaning up my Gundrian Fuseliers.

They were one of the first armies I ever started, but I quickly stopped working on them for a variety of reasons. My initial collection was too small to make a platoon, the conversions were overly complex, and the color scheme I started with was ugly. With a fresh look at the army list, I fixed up some of their weapons and cleaned up the paint scheme. I chose something simple and took a day to finish them off. After a long day of painting, I had a fresh platoon and command squad. With them finished, it may be a while before I return to them with new units.

Secondly, I put some work into another set of conversions that my brother had started on some years ago. They were assembled under the previous guard codex where a unit could be given a doctrine that allowed them to be fielded with CCW and laspistol. As a result, they have a rather eclectic collection of wargear. I decided to consolidate the special weapons they did have into a veteran squad and several penal legion squads. Again I opted for a simple paint scheme and finished up the veteran squad in an afternoon.

Finally, I worked on some character models and completely finished a new Commisar Lord for my Cadians.

What next? Quite a bit. Here is the list that I will be working on over the coming months.

12 Cadian troopers
25 Vanirmen
18 Miscellaneous Marines
3 Sisters of Battle
40 Squats (Old School- thanks, Tyler)
1 Valkyrie
1 Battlefleet Gothic Cruiser
A handful of characters and objectives

Dystopian Wars:
Brittania Land Fleet
Brittania Ship Fleet

Finish up my Warband
2 War wolves
3 Warpborn Skinwalkers
2 units of Shifting Stones with UA

A bunch of Cryx troops
Cryx characters
2 'Jacks
3 Man-O-War
Man-O-War Drakhun

Epic Teddy
Miss Demeanor
December Crew add-ons
Rezzer dogs
Hoffman Crew
Dead Justice Crew
Tons of Puppets

This works out to about 282 models, not counting the 44 done so far this semester. Can I do it? How well can I make them look in a hurry?

If I get these done to an acceptable standard, my next step will be to go back next semester and add another layer of detail. Stay tuned.


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