Tuesday, September 20, 2011

300 Challenge: Deathwatch Squad Part 1

 Here is my Deathwatch squad. I think I started putting them together in 3rd edition! There were Chapter approved rules released in White Dwarf some time ago that were pretty cool. As I recall, the Heavy Bolter could be fired on the move, the squad had access to specialty ammo, they could deep strike, and the squad could be lead by a number od different characters, including a Librarian. GW still sells a conversion kit with a number of heads, well-detailed shoulder pads, and bolters with scopes. I will be fielding them as Sternguard Veterans with a couple of combi-weapons thrown in.
 The first step was to put a fresh coat of thinned-down black paint over the model. This fills in places that the spray missed and evens out the finish, making it a bit more glossy than the primer I used. The difference is subtle, but look at these two minis. The black is smoother and brighter on the right-hand model and the left-hand model looks dull and boring. This will give me an even point to begin highlighting from.
I did some more work on the shoulder pads. These marines represent some of the marine chapters that  my buddies play. Starting in the back we have Mortifactors, Iron Hands, Silver Skulls, Imperial Fists, Eric Marines, Grief Bringers, Ultramarines, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, and Space Wolves.
 I started free-handing some chapter symbols as practice. this was my second attempt at a "U." It could still be cleaned up a bit, but considering this is my first attempt at free-hand work ever, it is not terrible.
 Blood Angels
Iron Hands

Now I need to clean up my work and highlight the armor. I also plan to hit some of the marine armor details that I have typically ignored in the past. More soon!


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