Friday, September 23, 2011

300 Challenge: Dead Justice

 I came back from Gen Con with a pile of new Malifaux models. Here is "Dead Justice," the limited edition version of Lady Justice and her crew. On the left is the limited edition gunslinger, Miss Demeanor. I put Lady J. and her buddies on some graveyard bases and the gunslinger will have a noose on hers. Some of them I pinned and lgued to the bases, others are left free so that I can paint the base under the model. I can glue these down when I am done.
 I also have the Nightmare edition Teddy. I modeled him catching a bite to eat. I do not have a base yet for Teddy, I will probably order the orphanage set for him from Wyrd. The spray paint did not basecoat him particularly well. I went back and filled in the missing parts with some thinned-down black paint.
 I started by doing a little work on the bases. They are mainly green and brown, but there are a few interesting things I will pick out later There is a lot of fur, leather, and wood on these models so I went ahead and hit them with some Scorched Brown. I find this to be a nice base coat for any number of these tones. With a wide array of browns and grays I can highlights and blend each texture differently from the same basecoat. for instance, the bear will end up sort of sandy brown, like an old well-used teddy bear. The wood will have dark recesses and an extreme highlight. The leather will stay fairly dark, reddish, with a glossy finish.
 I wanted to define some of the details right away so I could keep them distinct from others. For instance, I did not want to get the Judge's kerchief blended into his hair or the coffin flames covered in wood tones. A little blue paint made those bits bright so I could be sure to keep the brown away from them and make my job harder later. Some of the brown bits also received a preliminary highlight at this stage. A light drybrush with a tan color and pick out details the eye can miss. I also reshaped the Judge's chain, keeping a nice curve to it.
 Here you can see that I began working on metal and flesh. All the metal bits are a light coat of Chainmail, dead flesh is Rotting Flesh, and Miss Demeanor has a basecoat of Dwarven Flesh evenly applied. In order to get a smooth coat, I applied many fine layers rather than glob it all on at one go.
 Lady Justice received a very diluted wash of Dwarven Flesh over the Rotting Flesh base. This creates a splotchy effect on the skin and also gives some shade to the, uh, crevices. I am not looking forward to painting her outfit- it has a crazy amount of detail.
 Miss Demeanor is looking pretty good. This picture will be helpful as a reference since the lighting shows me where the painted highlights should go.

More Soon.


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