Thursday, December 8, 2011

300 Challenge: 3 Warbands

I am pretty happy with my progress on the 300 Challenge, but I am not likely going to complete it before I go home for Christmas Break. I lost too much time in November. Still, I have accomplished quite a bit. Here is my 25 point Circle list that will be going into the tournament. Cassius, a Stalker, a Woldwarden, some Reeves with UA, and Lord of the Feast. This band has worked pretty well so far, but I will be playing some new armies and will not have much of a chance to practice against them. In particular I am worried about facing Everblight. That army can basically ignore my feat and that is a bummer
 I also cracked out some stones for bigger games. These were easy to put together, but surprisingly tricky to paint. I made the mistake of painting them grey first and then going back in to do the green. I should have gone in the opposite manner! Still they look pretty neat and should be a nice addition to the army.
 For Malifaux I spent some time on my Hoffman band. This was one of the easiest to paint, as I simply painted most of the army brass and inked it for some shading. I picked out a few details and called it good. I actually spent more time on the bases than the models. They are Deus Ex Mahina from
 I especially like the glowy orb.
 Hoffman was pretty easy to finish as well. I should have left the apparatus off his back and painted it separately, as some of the pieces were hard to reach. There are also some neat conversions out there that bulk up the suit and make it a little tougher looking. Maybe when I get home I can crack it appart and have a go.

 My final piece for tonight concerns Gutshot! My new game. I ordered the book online and some minis from Black Scorpion. The paint job is a little quick and dirty, but I needed to get them done before heading home. We will try the game out for the first time and I wanted something half way decent to play with.
 The detail is pretty respectable, but I did have a hard time cleaning up the ones that were resin. I got 10 cowboys, 5 outlaws, and 2 guys on horseback. I haven't based them yet, as the material I want to use is back home. I also opted to use round lip bases even though they came with GW style. I think they look a lot better. I need to order a few more, as the game does call for townsfolk, indians, and banditos. All in good time, however, there is still plenty left to paint on the table!

Last week I had finished 135 models. I have completed 20 for Circle, 5 for Hoffman, 17 for Gutshot, and three from the odds and ends pile. This gives me a grand total of 180! I can still get pretty close to my goal tomorrow if I speed paint some 40k guys that I have sitting around. Wish me luck!


Thursday, December 1, 2011

300 Challenge: Cryx Chicks Part 4

My 300 Challenge is back in gear as of tonight. I have a great deal to get done before I head home for Christmas break, but I think I can do it. My Satyxis raiders and witches are done enough to be put back on the shelf, so I am sending them off the painting table and getting ready for some new stuff. My final steps were to highlight the hair, ink the flesh, and add water effect for the bases.
 The bases on these gals were finished with some snakebite leather and sepia wash. I am getting low on sepia, however, as I have found it works for lots of applications, such as wood, water, and leather.
 I should apologize for my lighting. I can't seem to get it back the way I had it. These all look too washed out and over-highlighted. Time to try a light box again, I guess.
 I even had time to work on Sorscha. She is a nice model. I have heard from several gaming buddies that they don't like her. Not sure why, I think she looks cool. The base needs some work, but I need to look at some reference pictures before I finish it.
This, along with a couple odds and ends brings me to 26 done for this session. Next on the painting table are my Circle of Orboros models that will be used in the tournament I am going to over break. They are already mostly done, so they will help me post some quick numbers on the boards. After that I will probably go back to GW for the win. Current total: 135. Still a long way to go!



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