Thursday, September 15, 2011

Malifaux Terrain: Victorian Part 1

I started this project a few years ago and got it almost done. It is waiting on a final coat of paint, which will have to wait for when I get back from school. I have been lucky enought to live in several towns that were built in the 1800's. There is a lot of "Malifaux-esque" architecture around and I spent a day with one of my buddies taking pictures of creepy old houses, factories, and warehouses. Here are some examples:
 Check out the sweet bay window

 I liked the top floor on this one.

Nice detail. Windows are particularly neat

 In order to keep room on the table, I made the footprint of my buildings small and gave them some added height. Techniques are covered in my other how-to's, just to a more fiddly extent. For example, whenever I made shingles, I made them half the size as usual. Window frames are made from wood to a standard size and glued on. I still need to go back and add porches and canopies. I also want to make a custom base for each one so they can include fences, gardens, trees and the like.
 My goal for each building is to tell its own story, but also look like it belongs in the same neighborhood.

Here is a street scene. The park piece is a circle of MDF painted brown with some flock put down in patches. The statue is a knick-knack from Hobby Lobby one of my buddies found for a few bucks.

Notice the detail on the big window. Each piece of the frame is individual. I put about a hundred pieces together to make it. Whew! The cobblestones are textured wallpaper glued to a sheet of OSB. Good luck finding this wallpaper anywhere. I am told it is no longer being made. Boo Hoo.
Once I get the paint finished I will post more pics.


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