Friday, September 23, 2011

300 Challenge: Dead Justice Part 2

 Work continues on Dead Justice (and others). These Malifaux models make average space marines seem like children's toys. They are much more delicate and the features are much finer. In some ways they are easier to paint because the features are so well defined, but on the other hand they are more difficult because I am actually having trouble seeing them under the paint brush.
 Lady Justice got some work done on her pants and hair. I am using Dark Flesh with progressive highlights in order to get red hair. I think it will work. It is also a good next step for some of the leather. I also got my black out and fixed up some earlier mistakes. This seems to be a constant process on these minis- i have to learn to be more careful with the brush.
 The wood started with Scorched Brown, highlighted with Bestial Brown, then a mix of bestial Brown and Bubonic Brown, then straight Bubonic Brown. The coat has been highlighted as well with Bestial Brown over Dark Flesh.
The highlight is looking good, but I know I am going to have trouble with the flames. Still, the models are very cool.


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