Saturday, October 1, 2011

300 Challenge: Dystopian Wars Part 2

 The Brittania land fleet is coming along nicely. I am mostly finished, with just a few little odds and ends to clean up later. The picture here shows some more basic colors done. I used Chainmail on all the metal bits, but I think Boltgun Metal would have been a better choice. I painted the dome Bleached Bone and then washed it with Gryphon Sepia to bring out some of the shadows. The little tanks are very tricky. It is easy to miss a lot of the detail because of their size, but they do reward attention to detail.
 In order to darken down the metal bits, I washed all of them with balck ink. The green was highlighted as well. The basecoat is Catachan Green. For this layer I mixed Goblin Green with Catachan and applied the mix to all the raised parts. I will go back and do a small highlight with pure Goblin Green when everything else is done. In preparation for the brass bits I painted those parts with a dark yellow shade.

Here is the finishd army. I will try to add some close ups later. I highlighted the dome with Bleached Bone and Skull White and painted the bases brown before gluing on some sand. The windows on the bombers and the dome were painted Hawk Turqoise. The golden metal bits are Dwarven Bronze. They are looking pretty good and will benefit from just a little cleanup work. For now they are going in the done pile and this brings my total to 98.

- Maniple

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