Saturday, October 1, 2011

300 Challenge: More Imperial Guard

 In preparation for my big 40K game the other day I finished up the banner bearer for my company command squad. this banner was easy to paint since the design is embossed. I picked out a few colors to match the example in the book and set to work. I found that highlighting the entire banner with a white drybrush before I started made it easier to see all the lines later. Once I blocked in the colors I gave it a quick highlight and put it back on the shelf!
 Here are some more "legacy models." They were made from leftovers of the Fuselier conversion. They are basically Cadians with Brettonian and Empire heads. I swapped out a few lasguns for grenade launchers and turned them into another veteran squad. I should now be able to field a pretty decent force of all veterans for the I Guard now. I am curious to see how they do.
The paint scheme is pretty basic. Dwarven Flesh for the face and hands, Chainmail for the metal bits, a green blend for the guns, and Scab Red for the uniforms. The leather bits are Scorched Brown. I had some ballast I was using for the Dystopian Wars bases so these guys got the same treatment. They look alright, so off to the shelf for them!

These eleven models bring my total for September to 109! I know I am posting this on October 1st, but I did start them in September so I am counting it as a win. I think it will be time to switch gears a little bit and get into a game system I haven't touched yet this semester. Not sure where to go. If only there was a game system that combined all my favorite steam-powered, magical, undead fantasies into one!

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