Friday, July 1, 2011

Hordesmachine Tournament List

Our group is trying to get a few new players in the game. We have started a little competiton in order to get them up to speed as quickly as possible. A player can bring any faction from Warmachine or Hordes, building a legal 25 point (plus caster allowance) list. Here are the ways you earn tournament points (75 possible):

Army List. 25 Points possible
  • 5 points for bringing a Caster or Warlock
  • 5 points for bringing at least 1 Heavy Jack or Heavy Warbeast
  • 5 points for bringing at least one Unit of Troops
  • 5 points for bringing at least one Solo
  • 5 points if you stick to your caster's tier list
Painting: 25 points possible
  • 5 points if all models are primed
  • 5 points if all models have some kind of decorated base.
  • 5 points if all models have three colors on them (primer does not count)
  • 5 points if all models have some degree of highlighting or shading
  • 5/3/1 points for the top three tournament favorites as voted on by the players.
5 Tournament Games: 25 points max.
  • 5 points for a Win
  • 3 points for a Draw
  • 1 point for a Loss
If you show up with a painted, tier friendly army and at least draw all your games you will earn 60 points. Win a few and get some extra painting points for the win! Here are my final thoughts:
  • Army size is limited to 25 points plus caster bonus.
  • Max points you can earn in the tourney is 75.
  • Everyone who pitches in $15 to the prize pool will be eligible for prizes.
  • Prizes will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place These will probably be gift certificates to a hobby store.

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