Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Gaming Update

Since finishing school I have been able to do quite a bit of gaming. I have started with quite a few board games. Recently I have been able to play Legendary, the Marvel card game, Call of Cthulhu card game, Battleship Galaxies, A Touch of Evil, Level 7, Civilization, Descent 2, Tzolk'in, Ygdrassil, and many others. I hope to post some mini reviews soon. Lots of good stuff out there!

The biggest thing has been Star Wars Roleplaying. I ran a d20 campaign a few years ago set in the Old Republic. The guys wanted to have a game set in the Rebellion Era, so we took the new book from Fantasy Flight and started running a few weeks ago. The new system is nice and forces the players to take part in the descriptions of the action. A very fine system and the new book is gorgeous.

Some of the guys are also interested in starting an Iron Kingdoms RPG. I have made a character for the system, but no firm date yet on when it will start up.

No minis yet, but I hope to get some painting done before Gencon to make room for some new purchases!


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